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Old Spitalfields Market will feature Breddos, Berber and Q, Rok and more...

Big changes are afoot at Old Spitalfields Market. They're launching new "Kitchens" onto the market floor and they've a pretty stellar line-up planned for them.

There will be ten of the kitchens that will be serving the market and here's who will be in them at the start, all serving up unique dishes:

  • Berber and Q with their Middle East and North African food, serving up rolled shoulder of lamb Mechoui, blackened chilli sauce and bread & butter pickles on flatbread. And yes, Cauliflower Shawarma will be making an appearance on the menu too.
  • Breddos Tacos - with masa corn fresh every day for their BBQ duck, tamarind, piloncillo and burnt onion tacos.
  • Barbarian - brand new to Spitalfields from Hugh Thorn and Luke Clarkson. They'll showcase simple dishes incorporating Asian flavours and technique. The Sichuan classic Mapo Tofu will be their main event.
  • Dumpling Shack - the Shengjianbao dumplings are what you'll be heading straight for, but they'll also have home-made dan dan noodles, a Chinese street food classic.
  • Flank - from Brighton, this will have nose-to-tail beef cooking over an open fire including Wild Mallard with fermented peanut.
  • Happy Endings - 2017 YBF winner, with ice cream sandwiches & desserts, like "the Naughty One" - that's salted caramel and miso parfait between fine layers of chocolate Guinness cake.
  • Rök - with their Nordic-inspired dishes including smoked duck leg bun with lingonberry jam and their low alcohol home-brewed mead, fennel wine and cider.
  • Thousand Knives - new and from from the team behind Dalston's Brilliant Corners. They'll have vegan and non-vegan Japanese food made using traditional techniques.
  • Sood Family - from East London and serving seasonal fresh pasta dishes such as amatriciana and radicchio, gorgonzola tortelloni and breakfast brioche buns with guanciale.
  • Yum Bun - with their amazing bao buns and a new dish – a Spiced fried chicken, salted celery slaw and Szechuan Mayo bun.

That's a pretty impressive line-up. More seating is coming to the market, so there will be plenty of space to bring your grub back to.

The whole thing is being overseen by Ten Ten, which has been set up by Nuno Mendes (already in the market with Taberna Do Mercado) and hospitality consultant Stephen Macintosh. And it's just the beginning. They're planning to have 114 traders across the kitchens, with lots more to be announced.

What: Old Spitalfields Market

When: From Friday 13 October

Where: 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW


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