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Nobu launches children's bento boxes

That bento box above is Nobu Berkeley's new bento box for kids - just launched in time for summer holidays. It's a two level affair - the savoury level will have Nobu tasters like chicken yasai zuke, baby tiger shrimp with ponzu and kappa cut rolls with sautéed vegetables and teriyaki. The second level will be a sweet selection made up of fresh fruit skewers, vanilla ice cream and chocolate lollipops.

Looking at the pics (you can also see the Nobu London one in the gallery below) we think these are almost too good to just reserve for kids - but if you do have a junior Nobu fan in the family, they're £18 at Nobu London and £22.00 at Nobu Berkeley ST. They'll be available from midday until 2.30pm Monday to Friday (until 3.00pm Saturday and Sunday). 

Nobu Berkeley is at 15 Berkeley St, London W1J 8DY
Nobu London is at 19 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1LB

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