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News round-up: Indian pop-ups, Borough traders evicted and moreEarlier this week, Hot Dinners popped over to the Oval for the launch of Sriram Aylur's Quilon pop-up. This will be the first time that the Michelin-starred Quilon has appeared anywhere other than its current St James location. It'll be in place for the international tests in the Oval this summer - so that's seven days in total.  However, there is a catch - if you want to eat at the pop-up, you'll have to be a member of the Oval's Montpelier club which, at several thousand pounds, isn't cheap. But if you're interested in the package, check out the Montpelier Club site.

Benares at Meza
Across town, there was another Michelin-starred Indian restaurant getting into the pop-up business as Atul Kochhar launched the Benares pop-up at Meza. Away from the more formal dining of the Mayfair flagship, expect dishes like Tandoori broccoli spring rolls served with chilli vinegar and Achaa Duck Supreme as well as selection of signature Benares cocktails. All the dishes at the pop-up are under £10 and the pop-up will be at Meza till 28 May. For more details, visit the Meza website.

Singapore stars on the South Bank
Joining another Indian pop-up, the soon-to-launch Dishoom beach on the South Bank,  is a Singaporean pop-up, the Singapore Takeout, with ten of Singapore's top chefs serving the best cuisine the country has to offer from a custom-made shipping container.  Top chefs to look out for are rising star Andre Chiang from Restaurant Andre, desserts from Janice Wong of 2am:dessertbar and Ignatius Chan from the famed Iggy's. The Singapore Takeout will be on the South Bank from 9th-11th June. For more information, visit their website.

Roux, Rhodes and Koffmann team up
And while we're on the subject of pop-ups, the ultimate chef's pop-up is appearing at Taste of London this year with The Menu - a special dinner to be served up in Taste of London's special new area, the Secret Garden.  The Menu is created by Michel Roux Jnr, Chris Galvin, Gary Rhodes, Silvena Rowe and Pierre Koffmann - and the chefs will be along at of the four sittings to explain their contributions.  Such A-list cheffery doesn't come cheap, however, and a seat at the event will cost £395 plus VAT.  If that's up your street and credit limit, to book tickets or request a brochure call 020 7471 1080 or email

Maltby Street traders get Borough heave-ho
Elsewhere, it seems that Borough Market has been more than a little jealous of the burgeoning succes of nearby Maltby Street.  Traders who have opted to set up shop there are being summarily evicted from Borough Market.  It does seem a bizarre way to treat your storeholders and a total over-reaction from Borough Market.  We visited both areas a few weekends back and Borough was as heaving as ever, so we can't see where their problem is.  Mind you, Borough was so unpleasantly busy that we'd go back to Maltby in a heartbeat but will be avoiding Borough Market on Saturdays.

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