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New York chef Brad McDonald takes over at the Lockhart8/1/14 - Updated with relaunch offer.

Things are changing at the Lockhart near Marble Arch, where former NYC chef Brad McDonald has been brought in to take over the kitchen.

McDonald had been working at Casa Negra since it first started, having originally worked at Brooklyn restaurants Gran Electrica and Governor. Although he's been keeping a fairly low profile there, he's been getting acclaim for the cooking which also impressed us (we were first told to make sure we try his food at Casa Negra by the Clove Club's Isaac McHale). 

He's looking to bring in more "deep south" cooking to Lockhart - with the new additions sounding very interesting. Some examples they've given us so far are smoked mallard gumbo, braised yellow turnips in caramelised buttermilk with shaved, smoked country ham, quail in a Madeira sauce with cured bacon jowl, roasted joint of beef lacquered with homemade peanut miso and New Orleans style beignets for dessert.

McDonald is in the kitchen now, and they've a special relaunch offer from now until the January 18 with 30% off food for lunch and dinner. You can book now on 020 3011 5400.

The Lockhart is at 24 Seymour Place London W1H 7NL. For more information, follow them on Twitter.


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