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New premium kebab restaurant Chifafa comes to ClerkenwellA new premium kebab shop is opening in Clerkenwell on Friday (it's just opposite the Zetter hotel). Chifafa's aim is for "kebabs made good" - here's a quick peek at the menu:

  • Succulent chicken thigh marinated in lemon & garlic, feta, fresh mint tahini yoghurt
  • Slow-cooked shoulder of lamb, feta, Amba mango pickle, fresh dill tahini yoghurt
  • British veal shoulder in lemon, oregano and garlic, tomatoes, fresh mint & dill tzatziki
  • Hand-made falafel, parsley pickle salsa, houmous, feta, fresh dill tahini yoghurt
  • Za'atar-dusted Cypriot halloumi, pickled turnip, houmous, fresh mint tahini yoghurt

We caught up with Chifafa's Nick Green to find out more....

So what is Chifafa?

We're a premium kebab restaurant aiming to improve the perception of the kebab in the UK. There will be no doners, no neon, no frying. Just fresh, healthy, ethically sourced ingredients made with real care and love.

Chifafa was conceived by myself and Matthew Kershaw when we went to Berlin three years ago and saw how universal the appeal of a well done kebab could be. We have had enough of the perception of the kebab as drinking man's turkey twizzler and intend to make the kebab respected rather than ridiculed.

We all know you can go to plenty of neighbourhood restaurants and eat a fantastic kebab but there are also plenty of kebab shops that treat the food with complete contempt. We aim to deliver really good, fresh food really quickly and make kebabs a viable option for Londoners at lunchtime or evening.

What else can you tell us about the menu

As well as the kebabs mentioned, we will also be serving short kebabs, premium salads and a bread free kebab as well.

And drinks?

We are licensed for alcohol but we will only have beer for launch, with the wine list coming later.

And how about the restaurant itself?

There will be room for around 20-25 inside so we think that takeaway will be the main focus. It's not the type of place you would come for a sit down meal with waitress service anyway. It's for working people who want something quality served quickly.

Chifafa opens on Friday 28 November at 45-47 Clerkenwell Road EC1M 5RS. For more information, follow them on Twitter @Chifafakebabs.  There will be a launch offer of 250 free kebabs for both lunch and dinner. Sign up on their website to get more details.

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