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We absolutely love the story today in the Daily Mail (sorry about that) where they've brought together all the MP's whinges about the food and drink operations in Parliament.

Apparently they're all from the suggestions tray in the subsidised restaurant at the House of Commons and have just been released to the public.

Our particular favourite is the complaint by a unnamed MP who's not at all happy with the arrangment of the chips being served up there."The bucket of chips, while attractive to some and no doubt trendy makes for soggy chips." they complained. "The tower arrangement is better."

What's particularly annoying about the complaints of course is that the restaurant is massively subsidised by the taxpayer. A rib-eye steak with the 'bucket' of chips costs just over £7 while a main course of pork belly is a paltry £2.70.

You can read the full story with multiple whinges here.

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