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More details and the menu from Dabbous' BarnyardUpdate 18/3 - Barnyard is open now.

Last night, Hot Dinners popped along to the opening party for Barnyard, the next venture from Ollie Dabbous and Oskar Kinberg. We managed somehow not to try any of the party food that was coming out, but we did try the popcorn boozy milkshake which was pretty good. There's also a blueberry pancake hard shake we'd also like to try - for comparison purposes, you understand.

One thing that struck us - the place is VERY small. There's a tiny dining area up at the back and they'll be serving the menu in the bar area too. But as there's no way to make a reservation - expect this place to get pretty packed.

Prices, from the menu we looked at - are keen. Chicken wings with smoked paprika garlic and lemon are £4 and warm cornbread just £3. The most expensive thing is the barbecued short rib with dill pickle mustard and black treacle at £12. Puddings are just £4 and include the tempting popcorn icecream with smoked fudge sauce and warm acorn flour waffle with chocolate and malt. We've put the full menu below for you to peruse. 

They're still waiting for the builders to finish off, so aren't expecting to open before Tuesday next week. Watch our Twitter feed for updates.

Barnyard is open now at 18 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2LZ. Opening hours will be Monday to Saturday, 12pm to 12am and Sunday, 12pm to 4pm.


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