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Max's Sandwich Bar comes to Dalston with a Birthdays residency

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We'll admit we are VERY big fans of Max's Sandwich Bar on Stroud Green Road. It's been the winner of Best Cheap Eats at the Observer Food Monthly Awards and, to our mind, creates some of the best sandwiches in London. But if you haven't had the chance to head to the original yet, another Max's is on the way. This time he's heading over to Dalston for an extended residency of six months. 

You can expect the same sandwiches and snacks to show up on the menu at Birthdays - so that includes the Ham Egg and Chips (slow cooked ham hock, a fried egg, shoestring fries, piccalilli, malt vinegar mayo), The "Et Tu Brute? Murdering The Caesar" pictured above, the jalapeno mac n cheese balls and the AMAZING spuds (crushed fried potatoes with rose harissa yoghurt, sumac, spring onion, tarragon).

But frankly, we're better off letting Max tell you what's coming...

Why Birthdays?

I love the idea of dicking about in Dalston for a bit and, quite frankly, they asked me. I love all the dudes working there, they love what we're doing at the sarnie shop AND THEY'VE GOT A SLUSHY MACHINE. THAT WE CAN MAKE FROZEN MARGARITAS IN!!!!! I like frozen Margaritas. It's a match made in heaven. It all dovetails just beautifully.

It's just occurred to me that we could do Campari and Orange (one of the shop's signature bevvies) in the slushy machine too!!! God, it's gonna be a good summer.

Will it be different to Max's Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill? 

The Shep Gordon/Supermensch of crockery James Ward (aka JIMBOBART) is making us some new plates so that'll be different. Otherwise, I'm keen not to completely cock anything up so we're gonna do things just as we do at the Sarnie Shop to begin with, then as we get settled in we can start looking at changing it up a bit. A bit though, not a lot. 

So, just to make sure, there WILL be Ham, Egg 'n' Chips and the lovely balls?

 Of course. There will be Ham, Egg 'n' Chips and those lovely Mac'n'Cheese Balls on the menu every day. Ad infinitum.

Will there be ducks and other nice stuff too? 

OF COURSE THERE WILL BE DUCKS AND OTHER NICE  STUFF TOO!! I've no idea if they'll let me but wouldn't it be brilliant if there was a MASSIVE neon sign of a gorgeous duck of some kind? And JIMBOBART's new plate will also have a new duck on it.

What: Max's Sandwich Shop at Birthdays

Where: 33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BJ

When? 25 May 2017 for six months. Things are kicking off with Birthday's 5th birthday party on that night (with free sandwiches). 

Find out more: Check out Max's Sandwich Shop on Twitter @lunchluncheon.


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