London's best cocktails for World Cocktail Day

turbotLeft to right: 1917 Champagne cocktail, Goldfinger, Beaune wine

In honour of World Cocktail Day, Saturday 13 May, we asked the Hot Dinners Drinks Editor, Louis Fernando, to select a shortlist of five cocktails you should try.

Here's what he came up with:


1. Centenary menu - 1917 Champagne cocktail, £25  (above left)

Where: The Ivy
What's in it: Ruinart, 1917 Hermitage Cognac, 1917 Madiera - Only 100 cocktails available
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2. Seasonal menu - Goldfinger (A twist on the Daiquiri - above middle)

Where: The Gibson 
What's in it: Brugal 1888 Dominican rum infused with kaffir lime leaves, guanabarajuice, lime, lemongrass, coconut sap, spiced pineapple & papaya chutney, lemon bbq crust – garnished with a chocolate orange flapjack
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3. Vices of Botany menu - 'Beane Wine', £13.50 (above right)

Where: Dandelyan 
What's in it: Sunshine washed Martell Cognac, saffron, ginger and dry banana wine
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4. Mirage menu - The Mild, Mild West

Where: City Social
What's in it: Rye whisky, Gewürztraminer, watermelon, pickled cactus, egg white
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5. The Directors cut menu - ‘Fear The Jungle’ (inspired by the great Steven Spielberg), £18

Where: Gong
What's in it: BarSol Quebranta Pisco, banana, pineapple skin sherbet, lime and chocolate in an ivy-covered highball. Garnished with a pickled (edible) scorpion
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