London in the Sky returns or a third year of dining 100 feet up

London in the Sky returns or a third year of dining 100 feet up

17/2/17 - updated with the full line-up

Those who like their meal with a serious view may rejoice, for London in the Sky is back once more, in July next year.

Hanging from 100 feet in the air, the 22-seater restaurant will be offering breakfast, lunch, dinner cooked by a series of guest chefs, who’ll also be up in the air with you, chopping and frying merrily away as if they weren’t suspended from a mobile crane in Chelsea Embankment.

How does it work? Well, you pre-book for one of the 9 sittings per day, which include ‘drinks flights’ that are probably safer for the participants than when drinking on ground level due to next step: being securely fastened into your chair. Then, the platform is slowly raised up and you can enjoy your meal being cooked in front of you, plus of course, the splendid views over the river Thames.

The price tag matches the outlandishness of the experience, with prices ranging from £50 for breakfast to £200 for a sunset seating with Champagne reception. As of yet, we don’t know that much about the food, but chefs that will make an appearance include

For lunch and dinner:

  • Pascal Aussignac (Club Gascon)
  • Michael Reid (M Restaurants)
  • Calum Franklin (Holborn Dining Room)
  • Robert Ortiz (Lima Restaurants)
  • Ryan Simpson & Liam Trotman (Orwells)

For breakfast

  • Pachamama
  • Mark Sargeant (Plum + Split Milk)

London in the Sky will be running from the 19-30 July 2017 at the Chelsea College of Arts, 16 John Islip St, Westminster, SW1P 4JU. You can book tickets from 27 February when they go on general sale. Follow Events in the Sky on Twitter @eventsintheskyUK