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Little Moons brings black espresso ice cream to Selfridges

Is that cup of expresso just not doing it for you? Need a more instant hit of caffeine? Then this shot of express in ice cream form may fit the bill. 

It's from a new pop-up in the Selfridges Food Hall, Little Moons, who will be selling their mochi ice cream. The Black Espresso Shot also mixes that shot with raw activated charcoal made from coconut shells - so it's ticking all the boxes for the trends of the moment.

And there are fifteen more flavours which rotate daily - Matcha, Coconut, Toasted Sesame, Raspberry, Mango, Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut, Chestnut, Dulce De Leche, Banana, Yellow Yuzu & Elderflower, The Earl Grey of Oxford Street. Those last two and the espresso shot are exclusive to Selfridges.

And you can also get three of the mochi balls skewered on a stick. So just think of that - a three espresso ball lolly. THAT'LL keep you awake for the afternoon meeting.

What: Little Moons

Where: Selfridges, 400 Oxford St, London W1A 1AB

When: 17 July to 10 September 2017. 


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