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Legs is coming to Hackney from Rooftop Cafe's Magnus Reid

There's a new restaurant on the way to Shoreditch coming from Magnus Reid, best known as the former chef at The Rooftop Cafe at London Bridge. He's just about to open Legs, a restaurant that sees him joining with (in their words) "technology industry veteran Andy Kanter, in the midst of his mid-life crisis." 

That name comes from two sources - one is the Hackney fashion district it's located in and the other is "common wine terminology: legs are the droplets that form on the inside of a wine glass (the "Gibbs-Marangoni Effect"), where the drinker can tell alcohol or sugar content depending on how fast or slow they trickle to the bottom."

With that in mind, the restaurant will be very wine-focused with a short, ever-changing list from small independent producers, who are striving to best represent the land they grow on. 

As for the menu - dishes will include

  • Suckling pig and chilli jam roll
  • Smoked aubergine, couscous, dried fruits
  • Roast cod, marinda tomatoes, citrus
  • Smoked haddock, clams, cured egg yolk
  • Burrata, pickled watermelon, charred tomato
  • Leeks, vinaigrette, hazelnut
  • Uni, lardo, peas, toast
  • Steak tartare, smoked pecans, buttermilk
  • Camomile granita, roasted oats, milk ice-cream

They'll also be making pickles and vermouth in the basement - and apparently even the ceramics for the tables. 

Legs opens on 19 May 2016 at 120-122 Morning Lane, London E9 6LH. For more from them, follow them on Twitter @legsrestaurant

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