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redhookWe've previously reported on the occasional Sunday lunches by top chefs being run under the title Cornish Grill at Farringdon restaurant Redhook. And this week we heard that owner Jonathan Downey has persuaded another really interesting chef to cook there on his day off.

The chef in question, turning up on Sunday 27th November is James Knappett. He's interesting because he's just left Marcus Wareing to become Head Chef at The Ledbury. James will be cooking his own take on the Sunday Roast which includes: mackerel with bergamot, hogweed, gnocchi and ruby red beef with smoked bone marrow, horseradish, beets, Jerusalem artichoke and malt.

Tickets are £50 per person with wine matching a further £18. You can expect them to go like crazy when word gets out.

To book call Rochelle on 07931 359499 or click here to buy tickets

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