Kultured pops up in Soho with fermented cocktails and kimcheese bagels

Kultured pops up in Soho with fermented cocktails and kimcheese bagels

For a while there, fermented drinks, food, and just about everything was all the rage. And then there was a brief lull. Perhaps to make way for other, slightly less bacterial trends.

Now, here comes Kultured to make us fall in love with tangy, probiotic-laden food and drink all over again, with their fancy, townhouse-based pop-up bar in Soho.

Operating out of Great Windmill Street, they'll be blending “naturally carbonated” tonics, kombucha and spirits to come up with a host of absolutely mad-sounding cocktails - coffee and gin anyone? - plus a whole host of fermented foods on the side.

That’ll include:

  • Turbo Gin and Tonic (Gin, espresso, black pepper tonic)
  • Winter Kir (Harrow and Hope sparkling, Victory bitters)
  • Mulberry Chocolate Tonic (100% dark chocolate ganache, mulberry gin, sea salt) 

Meanwhile, on the food front, you can expect “kimcheese” on your salt beef bagel, marmite creme fraiche and jalapeno sauerkraut on your potato cake, plus fermented chilli with whipped bone marrow, and black rice with sesame tamari brittle and green kimchi. All of which do sound quite weird, and yet, somehow quite brilliant at the same time - though we should probably confess we’ve always been suckers for kimchi and anything of that ilk. 

Behind the pop-up is none other than Jono Hope, of London’s first (and thus far, last) naked restaurant, what was the wildly popular Bunyadi. He’s joined by Alix Caiger, of Salt of the Earth and Caiger & Co.

What: Kultured

When: 29 November - End February.

Soft launch information: Between 29 Nov - 2 Dec, their Turbo Gin & Tonic will be half price. 

Where: 21 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LB

More information:  Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @kulturedlondon.