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Keu bring their banh mis to Soho

Part of the same group that runs Cay Tre and Viet Grill, Keu on Old Street has been a hit ever since it opened, selling some of the best banh mis in town (a Vietnamese baguette sandwich). But if you haven't had the chance to visit it there, it's now following its sibling restaurant Cay Tre into Soho.

Once they've settled into Poland Street, they'll have Banh Mi, Noodle Bowls & Buns to eat in or take-away with a menu that includes: 

  • Keu Classic Bahn Mi: Mortadella, pork floss, house chicken liver pâté, spiced pork belly, and ham terrine
  • Mackerel Bahn Mi: Daikon, coriander, and chilli mayo
  • Belly bowl: Saigon braised pork belly, caramelised coconut juice, crunchy daikon, and cucumber
  • Hu Tieu Saigon: Rice noodles, pork 3 ways, prawns, tamago egg, Chinese celery, and bone broth (in or on the side)
  • Charsiu Pork Bun: Organic steamed egg, and wood ear mushroom
  • Sloppy Bun: Ground beef, red curry, smashed cashew nut, and Thai basil

Like the Old Street original, they'll have smoothies, Vietnamese coffee and beer and some sake based cocktails too. 

Keu Soho opens 15 September at 9 Poland Street, London W1F 8PY and it'll be for walk-ins only. To find out more, @keulondon. and look at their website at

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