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With its cobbled streets, quaint houses and antique markets, Camden Passage is a veritable haven from the busyness of Upper Street. Now you’ll be able to further unwind with a soothing cup of traditional Japanese tea thanks to the arrival of Katsute 100.

There’s a huge drinks menu, including tea served by the pot and flavoured tea by the cup, plus non-leaf teas and takeaway options too. The most familiar tea on the menu is Sencha, which also comes available in the form of a Asamushi Sencha, a blend with a much more delicate flavour, or the nutrient rich Fukamushi Sencha.

Other types of less common teas you can sample include a Caramel Hojicha, the Ume Shisho Bancha or a mug of Sakuracha, which is made with pickled cherry blossom and comes with a side of sakura mochi dessert. The more adventurous can opt for a Kurocha black bean tea, or some Japanese vegetable tea, which sounds like it’ll resemble a savoury broth and is made with onion peel, corn, carrot and kabocha (a type of Japanese squash.).

Aside from the plethora of teas to choose from, there’s also plenty of Japanese spirits you can buy to take away, including a not-inconsiderable selection of whiskeys, plus shochu and sake.

If you’d feel like a light snack to accompany your drink, Katsute 100 will also have a nice range of traditional home baked cakes and sweets, including matcha cakes.

Katsute 100 is open now in Camden Passage, Islington, London N1 8EA, and will be serving until 7pm every day. Follow Katsute 100 on Instagram @katsute100.

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