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Jose Pizarro adds breakfast with Iberico ham, eggs and chips

We left Jose Pizarro in Broadgate pretty impressed, but we have to admit to really liking the look of the new breakfast "Desayuno" menu too. If that pic above doesn't make the case, here's some more of what to expect from the menu:

  • Jamón Ibérico or grilled chorizo with fried eggs and  “patatas fritas” - 12/8
  • Sobrasada on toast, honey and Mahon cheese - 8
  • Scambled on toasted sourdough with mushrooms and goat cheese - 8
  • Tomato baguette with Jamón Ibérico - 10
  • Orange torrijas - 5.50
  • Toasted Croissant with sweet ham and Manchego cheese 5.5

It's all now being served at Jose Pizarro from 7-11 am daily. Find out more about Jose Pizarro

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