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Island Poke heads for the City

Whether you call it poke or Poké and there's a LOT of debate about that, the fact is Londoners are getting a lot of new places serving up this Hawaiian dish. 

Opening today in the City is a second restaurant for Island Poké. They've got a few new things to add to the menu for the City branch - namely Poké Nachos, Poké Tacos and a special bowl from Yum Bun founder Lisa Meyer on for the whole of August. 

If you're a City worker after a healthy start to the day the breakfast menu features Overnight Apple & Cinnamon Oats and - the one to pick we think- Salmon & Yuzu Cream Cheese Rolls.

What: Island Poké

Where: 42 Broadgate Circle, London EC2M 2QS

Opens: 31 July 2017 with Poké bowls for £1 on Monday 31st July and Tuesday 1st August only.

Find out more: Visit their website.


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