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What: Eataly

In a nutshell: Italian worldwide phenomenon

Summing it all up: The Italian food and wine marketplace is apparently looking at a large site in Bishopsgate 


The low-down

Is London next in line to get an Eataly? That is the big question. The Evening Standard are today reporting that according to various "property sources" the Italian foodmarket is eyeing up a site in the city. According to them, the company which has 18 sites across Italy, 5 in America and various other markets across Europe, is waiting to sign on the dotted line for a site on Bishopsgate.

There have long been rumours that Eataly was looking at opening in London and, for a period, we heard that they were looking at the site of the old Selfridges hotel.

Of course now probably isn't the best time to make any kind of formal announcement regarding Eataly, given the sexual harassment allegations against chef Mario Batali who played an active role and is still a minority partner in the American side of the business.

If you haven't had the opportunity to check an Eataly out - they're a mixture of food store and restaurant. We've only been to the New York one which combines multiple restaurants and wine bars with places to buy fresh pasta, Italian bread and every Italian foodstuff you coudl imagine. Let's face it - it'll probably do very well here.


More about Eataly

When does it open? No date yet

Where: The City, apparently


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