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Hix's Tramshed is re-launching and the chicken and steak just got a lot bigger

There's change afoot at Mark Hix's Shoreditch spot Tramshed, which is about to relaunch. Originally started as a chicken and steak place, that premise remains the same - but everything got a lot bigger. The first of the two main events is the "Yard of Beef" - that's a huge 1.5kg of 28-day aged rib of beef on the bone for £95 (serving a minimum of 3-4). There's also the Big Bird - a huge Capon chook for £45. Both of those ably showcased above. 

And desserts are on the large side too - there are now four sharing desserts to choose from:

  • An entire Bramley Apple Pie (recommended for 6-8) with cream, custard or ice cream
  • An Oakchurch Farm blueberry & white chocolate ripple cheesecake.
  • A Salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts for dipping
  • A whole Peruvian gold chocolate cake

It all re-opens on 23 September at 32 Rivington St, London EC2A 3LX. There's also a soft launch from 23-29 September with 50% off food. TO book a table, go to their website. For more, follow them on Twitter @The_Tramshed.

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