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Hell's Kitchen'The contestants include an Italian who doesn't know how to make pasta. A woman who burned Ramsay's lips by laying on the hot sauce when a few drops would have worked. A Hannibal Lecter wanna-be (he likes butchering animals). A guy who showed up with a fresh "Hell's Kitchen" logo tattooed across his abdomen. And another cheftestant who laughs like a hyena when things go wrong.'

That's the LA Times take on the fresh crop of contestants for Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen USA. But why, you may well ask, should Hot Dinners readers be interested? Well because this season's winner will, according to the LA Times, land the job of heading up the kitchens at The Savoy Grill when the hotel eventually reopens.

The Savoy's reopening date has been pushed back several times, so goodness knows when the winner will actually be in a position to start, but we'll keep you posted on their progress.

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