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Hawksmoor bring back the three martini lunch

The very idea of a three martini lunch these days may be very rare indeed - but Hawksmoor are having none of that. Determined to bring back the boozy lunch they're adding three martinis to the lunchtime menu, teaming up with Hepple Gin and Valentine Warner. So if you fancy three stiffeners before lurching back to the office, here's what they're offering:

  • Walter Riddell (Hepple Gin, Cocchi Americano, Jurançon & Lavender)
  • Smoky Valentine (Hepple Gin, Lapsang Port, Noilly Prat & Rosemary)
  • Strangeways (Hepple Gin, Antica Formula, Prune & Cacao)

All that will knock you back just £25 (or a tenner each if you MUST only have the one). They're going on the lunchtime menu at all the Hawksmoors from 1 March - 30 April 2017. And you can pair it up with their express lunch (£25 for 2 courses and £28 for 3 courses) too. So now your plans for next week are sorted. 

For more, follow Hawksmoor on Twitter @HawksmoorLondon.

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