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Halloumi fiends rejoice: you’re getting your own Hoxton pop-up (with ice-cream)

There’s something deeply enjoyable about halloumi, from the weirdly pleasing squeaking noise to the overwhelming salt hit, and of course, the knowledge that you’re essentially just eating a pile of cheese. Plus, it just looks so good on camera - you could hardly swing a cat on street food Instagram this summer without hitting a flat-lay of breaded-halloumi fries.

Now, halloumi-obsessed Londoners will be able to take their love of the Cypriot cheese to the next level at a pop-up run by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation - and there'll be halloumi ice-cream.

Operating out of 100 Hoxton, there’ll be a menu comprising of

  • Halloumi and cauliflower fritters with a lime pickle yoghurt (£6)
  • A fresh grilled courgette and halloumi salad with fennel, pine nuts, harissa, honey & lemon (£7)
  • A chargrilled halloumi flatbread with butternut & dukkah spices (£6)
  • Crumbed halloumi fingers with a tomato chilli jam (£6)

You can order each dish individually, or go all in with a tasting platter for two that’ll include every item for £26.

On the drinks front there’ll be two Cypriot-inspired drinks from NOPI’s former mixologist Chad Canning; a harissa bloody mary, and a cilantro - that’s coriander for us lot - and ginger martini.

We’re scant on the details about this mysterious ice-cream though, and have merely been told it’ll be “the best halloumi ice-cream you will ever taste.” (Which is reassuring given we’re fairly sure it'll be the only one we’ve tasted.)

When: 13 - 19 November

Where: 100-102 Hoxton St, London N1 6SG

More information: Book your spot via the 100 Hoxton website.


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