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graphicFor punters who like a bit of art with their food and drink, Soho bar Graphic has just launched a 3D art installation. Designed by 1970s artist Jim Sharp, the piece consists of a set of 3D paintings you'll need special specs to fully appreciate.

To tie-in with the art, the bar's also created 3D menus and a 4D cocktail - in practice you get to make your own cocktail for four to share, adding the four elements - apparently (or maybe worryingly) lab goggles will be provided for that.

If all that 3D and cocktails threaten to blur your vision, line your stomach with Graphic's new slider menu - they've six different sliders on offer from Beef, bone marrow, garlic & parsley to Shredded pork, chipotle BBQ sauce all at £3.50 each.

The 3D installation will open on September 10 at Graphic, 4 Golden Square, London W1F 9HT

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