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Clearly the newhounds loved the way the Heston Blumenthal story helped to fill valuable column inches with something other than the credit crunch, as they've been playing close attention to Gordon Ramsay for a follow up story.  First off, they seemed happy to cast aspersions on his finances especially when he sold his much-touted French outpost, but it wasn't too long before a much better story came along.

Surely, we're told, if you're eating in a three Michelin starred restaurant, you'd expect the chef to unwrap the food before presenting it to you?  And it certainly doesn't help you keep a lid on such and event if those affected have already been proven to be not averse to the odd bit of publicity. One thing's for sure, the Guardian thinks the punters are getting a little overzealous in their court claims.

Of course, the news wasn't done with Heston either.  His restaurant may well be open again, but the Health Protection Agency criticised staff for coming back to work before they had recovered from the now-infamous Norovirus. Don't expect the story to end there - these were just preliminary findings and the full report is due in a month.  We here at Hot Dinners are due to go to the Fat Duck in May, and will certainly be hoping that the Restaurant stays open...

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