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Gillray's puts a 7kg steak platter on the menu

Nothing says birthday celebrations quite like a plate of meat sufficient to sate a Henry VIII size appetite. This mammoth meat fest is the 258oz (7.3kg) steak platter going on the menu at South Bank steakhouse Gillray's. It's to celebrate the 258th birthday of the restaurant's namesake - cartoonist James Gillray.

It'll be available for a week - from 11th - 17th August, and features:

  • Two ‘Bullshead’ 1kg steaks - a whole rib chop
  • Two Bavette (or Skirt) steaks weighing 1kg each 
  • A kilo of Chateaubriand from the centre of the tenderloin
  • A kilo of boneless Sirloin Heart steak
  • A kilo of Gillray’s  Smoked Short Ribs.

As this writer has personally finished off a Bullshead steak, this platter has a bit of a "challenge accepted" vibe about it. However, it's probably best suited for quite a few of you - particularly as it comes with a price point of £352 (with sides included). But if you round up a party of six, you're still getting through over a kilo of steak each for under £60. 

The James Gillray celebration dinner is running from 11th until 17th August at Gillrays’ Steakhouse & Bar, London Marriott Hotel County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7PB. You can book on 020 7902 8000 but make sure to mention the Gillray’s 258oz platter when making your reservation

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