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giacondaThe Giaconda Dining Rooms have long been a favourite of many in London and went through a big revamp towards the end of 2012. Now they're revamping again, and becoming La Giaconda Cafe, Bar and Restaurant in the process.

It seems that the initial changes didn't quite meet with expectations of the owners, Tracey and Paul Merrony. Indeed, in a recent newsletter, they admitted "we lost some of the vibe that made Giaconda intimate and special". So this change is to directly address that as they transform the front of the restaurant into an all-day café serving breakfast, lunch and for dinner there will be simple dishes like dishes like steak frites, fish & chips or roast chicken. As Tracey and Paul are also involved with Flat White and Milk Bar, you should expect a pretty decent coffee too.

The main dining room is now housed at the back with a slightly more - for lack of a better phrase - restaurant dining approach (e.g. tablecloths). There you'll be able to order the usual Giaconda classics and they're hoping it'll bring back the intimate Giaconda vibe from before.

As for the name change, it harks back to the days when the original La Giaconda was a hangout of seventies stars like Bowie, Boland & The Kinks. They're also applying for a blue plaque for that very reason.

La Giaconda is open now at 9 Denmark Street London WC2H 8LS. Booking number 020 7240 3334 (restaurant only, the cafe is for walk-ins only). For more information, follow them on Twitter.


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