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Fortnum & Mason launches Diamond Jubilee Tea SalonFortnum & Mason have just launched the rather elegant Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon so we popped along to take a look.

Officially opened earlier this year by Her Majesty, in honour of her diamond anniversary, Fortnum & Mason are hosting afternoon and high tea daily, in all its splendour, for the remainder of this year.

The Piccadilly store has a rich history when it comes to tea - one of the first products they sold was a Black Bohea tea back in 1707 - and their passion for the subject is celebrated in this new salon. There are trained ‘tea-ristas’ who can take you on a journey of discovery through their 80-strong selection of fine teas ranging from £6 a pot up to a whopping £35 a pot for the finer, single estate teas. And, if you are looking for something a little more educational, you can book places in Fortnums' dedicated ‘tasting room’ where experts will spend a couple of hours talking you through the histories and production of the teas they have on offer.

You could easily while away an entire afternoon drinking tea and indulging in their sarnies which include classic egg mayonnaise, beef and horseradish, chicken and smoked salmon. There's also an impressive range of pastries that Hot Dinners went to town on (in order to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of course!). Our favourite was one we nicknamed the ‘orange bomb’ – a biscuit base covered in the smoothest ganache, and topped with a light and fluffy orange mallow with a tangy orange liquid centre. There are also the more traditional fruit scones on offer that come served with a selection of compotes and clotted cream.

If you've missed afternoon tea and are looking for something to fill in that dead time between tea and dinner, come here for the high tea which includes snacks such as Twice Baked Barber’s Cheddar Soufflé and Lobster Omelette Victoria.

With afternoon tea starting at £38 and High Tea at £40, this new By Royal Appointment spot will do quite nicely we're sure. 

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