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10bellsTake an already hotter than hot restaurant pop-up (The Ten Bells) and add in a four day residency from an insanely well-connected chef and you have a collaboration that any London foodie ought to give their right arm to get a seat at.

The chef in question is Dan Burns who's coming over from New York for a brief trip to team up with Isaac and James from the Young Turks for four days from Wednesday 1 February through to Saturday 4 February 2012.

"I first met and worked with him at Fat Duck years ago," James told Hot Dinners. "Since then he's worked to St John, then Noma, where he was the pastry chef for a number of years. Most recently he's been the head development chef for the Momofuku group and is looking for his next move."

"When we first took on the The Ten Bells we had the idea of having lots of guest chef/collaborative events but we've ended up being so busy that it kind of fell by the wayside. We used the Christmas break to get a few ideas in place and Dan was the first person we thought of. We'll be doing a few extra dishes and snacks but still creating the menu together to avoid the usual format at these things which is Course 1 - chef A, Course 2 - chef B. It will hopefully make it more interesting (and probably more difficult!). It's a similar concept to the dinner we're doing with Peter Nillson at La Gazzetta in Paris in March for Omnivore."

Dinner at The Ten Bells usually costs £39, but for Dan's residency it'll be £50 for five courses and four snacks. If you don't manage to get tickets this time, don't weep into your wheat beer as there may be chance to book if Dan returns at the end of February - dates are currently being discussed at the moment. To book call 07530 492986 to make a reservation from 11am to 4pm Monday through Saturday.

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