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cordon bleu school londonIf further proof were needed that London is the epicentre of the food world (well, we always knew that), it's the opening today of Le Cordon Bleu's flagship central London. That means that the guardian of French culinary techniques believes that London is now a better place to open its biggest and most prestigious school than Paris.

The new school at 15 Bloomsbury Square will have capacity for up to 700 students, over twice that of the school’s current London location in Marylebone. All that extra room means they'll be able to introduce a range of new courses including Short Courses, a Professional Diploma in Culinary Management and Wine Courses. And one very lucky student aged between 16-19 will win a scholarship worth over £40,000 to take Le Cordon Bleu Grande Diplôme.

If you're not thinking of expanding on your culinary skills just now, this new development should still be of interest as the school will also have a new Café Le Cordon Bleu tucked behind the school in secluded courtyard behind Bloomsbury Square. That opens on 30 January.

Le Cordon Bleu London, 15 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1. For more information go to 

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