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So this sounds like a good idea. If you've ever been searching for someone to cater an event, but were after something a little more au courant than the usual buffet providers, Feast It might be just what you're after.

The company, which launched just a week ago, has teamed up with over 100 of London’s leading restaurants and street food vendors (including Dirtyburger, Patty & Bun, The Breakfast Club, Blu Top Ice Cream and Mother Clucker). All you do is say where and when you need catering for and they'll put you in touch with who's available.

"The process of booking catering hasn’t really changed over the last 10 years,"says co-founder Digby Vollrath, explaining how he came up with the concept. "We wanted to create a platform that helps people realise the amazingly diverse and delicious options available to them as well as book event catering from the chefs they already love!”

Get in touch with Digby and co-founder Hugo at

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