Fatburger is coming to London, starting with Camden

We've had it the rumours section of the Coming Soon page for a long time now, but now there's confirmation that US chain Fatburger is definitely coming to London. And it looks like they have a Five Guys style approach, with a plan to open 20 Fatburgers across the country, starting with Camden. That site is already being developed, and should open in June.

So what can you expect from Fatburger? We're weren't that familiar with them ourselves, we have to admit, but a bit of judicious Googling about the Californian burger chain reveals: 

  • In the US, the burgers are available in a variety of sizes. They start at small - one mini patty at 2.5oz - to XXXL which is three large patties in a bun or 1.5 pounder or around 2000 calories (we doubt you're actually counting calories if you're ordering that.). We're quite tempted to try it, if we're being totally honest...
  • They do chicken and turkey burgers too, if you're downsizing
  • And can't help but be impressed that the this US menu has a bacon and egg sandwich as a "side". 
  • There may be salads too. Another menu reveals this Kale Strawberry Salad "featuring shredded kale with cabbage and carrots fresh strawberries, candied pecans, blue cheese crumbles then tossed in a poppy seed dressing." Blimey. 
  • And some of the US fatburgers do serve alcohol - we've yet to hear if Camden will. Although hopefully the "hand scooped" milkshakes will make it over. They sound great.
  • Kanye West's company once opened two Fatburgers. No, really

And that's not all - apparently Buffalo Cafes (sister restaurant to Fatburger and mainly about wings) are on the way too. 

The first Fatburger opens at Unit 3, 10 Jamestown Road, Camden Town, NEW1 7BY in June. For more on Fatburger, follow them on Twitter @fatburgeruk