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Eco-friendly craft wine lovers BIB opens first shop in Dalston

What: Weino BIB

In a nutshell: Takeaway wine on tap

Summing it all up: Need some vino? Skip the bottles and go straight for reusable, eco-friendly bags at Weino BIB, the new permanent shop from craft wine lovers BIB, who’ll have a staggering 20 taps for you to fill up at, plus deli snacks.


The low-down

They’ve been popping up all over the place since 2015, but now ecologically-friendly craft wine enthusiasts BIB Taproom have finally nailed down a permanent home in Dalston.

Weino BIB will be selling their natural and craft wines, available on tap. There’ll be 20 (!) different taps for you to fill your bottle, box or other environmentally-friendly vessel, but if you’re not of the well-organised variety (aka you forgot to bring yours from home), then they’ll also be selling ecological containers in the shop.

Wine will be sourced from winemakers of the more “artisanal end of the spectrum”, and as before, it’ll be more affordable than your average bottle of vino from the shops, and stay fresh for much longer too.

Aside from wine, Weino BIB will also be providing milk, olive oil and juice on tap, plus cheese, deli meats and other groceries.

And on top of that, you'll be able to sit in, with a few choice selections from the deli on offer for you to nibble while you sip your wine. So yes, it's also a Dalston wine bar, which is a good thing indeed. 


More about Weino BIB

Where is it? 39 Balls Pond Rd, London N1 4BW

When does it open? 16 November 2017

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @WeinoBIB.


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