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Druid Street Market brings even more to the Maltby Street area

There's yet another reason to head down Bermondsey way this week as a pretty impressive-sounding market is kicking off this weekend. Druid Street Market starts on July 4 and will be a fixture every Saturday from then on. It's the brainchild of Miranda York, also behind the lovely looking Toast magazine, and is being designed to complement both Borough and Maltby - each of which are only a short walk away (Maltby is literally around the corner). 

The launch line-up sounds great:

  • Bioscheme - organic fruit and veg, eggs and apple juice (flour and honey to come)
  • FAT by Freddie - unusual pickles, kimchi and hot sauce, plus toasties using the pickles (pictured above)
  • & Cultured - cultured butter, cream and fresh Jersey herd buttermilk cheese
  • Blackhand charcuterie - British charcuterie by chef Hugo Jeffreys
  • Decatur London - New Orleans style food (oysters, po boys, gumbo etc), homemade ice tea, coffee and beignets
  • Fatties - homemade caramels and other sweet treats
  • Lardo - the Hackney restaurant will be bringing their own charcuterie, bread and homemade chinotto
  • Raw Duck - who will be bringing their range of homemade drinking vinegars, ferments and ceramics range
  • Blu Top - American-style ice cream sandwiches and floats
  • TOAST stall - TOAST magazine, Lazy Eye ceramics, wooden spoons by Hope in the Woods, chef knives from Blenheim Forge & anodised aluminium trays from Kaymet

Plus, there's all the shops on the street too (including the great O'Shea's butchers) and they'll also feature rotating pitches too - including 

Druid Street Market launches this Saturday July 4 2015 and will be there every Saturday after that from 9am - 4pm. For more, follow them on Twitter @DruidSt


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