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If your usual lunchtime routine consists of you dashing to Pret or nuking yesterday's leftovers in the office microwave, then Deliveroo have designs on you. They've just begun a lunchtime range of 'Flash Deals' offering dishes for under a fiver.

Every day a different restaurant partner will drop its price on a particular dish to £4.99 - and when you learn there's also no delivery fee, it suddenly becomes a lot more affordable. Folk they're teaming up with on the lunchtime initiative include Tommi’s Burger Joint, Squirrel, Patara, Honi Poke, DF Mexico, Princi and Zia Lucia.

So if you fancy a classic or veggie burger from Tommi's or a Thai me up with Miami Rice from Squirrel, then you just need to look out for the weekly deals. They're only going to be available in central London and users will have to place their order anytime before 11am, with a delivery slot between 12-3pm.

Find out more: Visit Deliveroo's website or follow them on Twitter @Deliveroo


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