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Fluid Movement are the people behind hit bars Purl and the Worship Street Whistling Shop and they're about to expand their empire with a move further north to Hampstead with a brand new venture called Dach & Sons. This time, the crew will be going for a New York vibe with hot dogs and sliders on the menu and a modern electro soundtrack  And that's not all, as they'll also be opening the second Purl bar right upstairs from Dach & Sons. We caught up with them to find out more.

Dach & Sons and a second Purl bar come to HampsteadSo what are you going to be serving up at Dach & Sons?

The menu will be appear quite simple, around four dogs, a burger and some sliders to choose from. Then a bunch of sides to add on including our own pickles, devils on horseback, bone marrow popcorn.

All sausages and burgers will be made in house. That even includes the frankfurters, which are notoriously hard to get right as the meat requires extra fine grinding. We'll be using a variety of meats for the sausages, including pork shoulder and beef chuck. For the burgers and sliders we'll be using short rib, amongst others.

We will also be bringing a bit of science in to the kitchen (as per Purl and WSWS), and we'll be featuring guest burgers and dogs utilising such ingredients as meat glue. We're also exploring the best ways to cook the burgers, sliders and dogs through combinations of sous vide and griddling. In short, we're aiming for the best burgers and sausages in London!

And how about drinks - we hear you're focusing on whiskey based cocktails?

Cocktails will be short and simple. Big focus on the Julep, we'll be growing our own varieties of mint on the roof terrace, so expect guest juleps on the menu. Our main focus for the drinks will be on craft beer and American whiskey.

Style-wise will the place have a Big Apple feel?

Yes, it's quite New York. Clean lines, industrial feel with subway tiles and plenty of neon!

Will you take reservations or can we expect possible queues?

We will be able to seat around 50-60, then another 35 on the roof terrace (with a slightly reduced menu). We won't take reservations or phone numbers, so in the fortunate event that we are full, yes, folks will have to queue or try another time.

What can you tell us about the second Purl opening upstairs?

Yes there is another Purl opening there. It seats around 35 people and is accessed through Dach & Sons and up a residential stairway.

As with Purl in Marylebone, it will be an intimate environment with a speakeasy style. The feature we're most proud of is the original gold leaf Victorian ceiling, which looks stunning. Drinks will be a mixture of classics, some new creations and some of our favourites from Purl in Marylebone. To begin with it will be a relatively accessible offering at very reasonable prices.

We plan on offering a greater food selection at Purl in Hampstead as we have a fully functional kitchen and plenty of scope to play with food and drink matching.

Dach & Sons and Purl NW3 are now open on 68 Heath Street, Hampstead, London, NW3 1DN

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