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streetkitchenAt Pearl Restaurant last night for an evening hosted by chef Jun Tanaka for Action Against Hunger, we discovered another date to put in your diary over the London Restaurant Festival.

We've already talked about (and tried) some of the food that Jun will be serving up at his Street Kitchen, now we hear that on Thursday 7 October 2010 there will be three special sous-chefs in the kitchen over the afternoon - The Independent's Tracey Macleod, BBC Radio’s Nigel Barden and The Sunday Times Style magazine's chef and writer Lucas Hollweg. (There are even rumours that a certain city writer might also be in the mix - but that hasn't been confirmed yet).

Can the critics cook as well as they critique? You'll have to go and find out; but the best bit is that all proceeds from the Street Kitchen that day will be going to Action Against Hunger.

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