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cremeeggFor many, you can take your 80% Valrhona Easter egg and shove it - Cadbury's Creme Egg is where all the action is over Easter.

And this year there are a couple of so-wrong-it's-right ways to try it in London's restaurants and bars.

First up are the Pizza Pilgrims who have come up with the Creme Eggzone - a chocolately, pizza-based twist on the scotch egg – so salty Neapolitan dough and sweet creme egg cooked in their stone pizza oven and served warm. Available all Easter weekend for £3.50 a pop.

That's being given a run for its money by new-ish North London takeaway service Zing Zing whose menu promises the relative delights of a Melted Creme Egg wonton. They're £4 although as they say "we'll send you four of them, but we doubt you'll get through two."

If you'd prefer to drink your Creme Egg then Farringdon Bar The Fable has turned it into a cocktail. We're not quite sure what's in it, but it does look like it contains about half a can of whipped cream.

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