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This fishy dish happens to be the main attraction at Aqua Shard's St George's Day offering. Available at both lunchtime and dinner on Wednesday 23rd April it's chef Anthony Garlando's take on fish and chips, using John Dory and Cornish crab in English beer batter parcels, with a caper, pickle and lemon salad and green pea ice cream.

And - if you're wondering - the crab couldn't be more impeccably sourced, coming from The Real Cornish Crab Company where every delivery comes with a QR code which, when scanned in, gives the customer details on where exactly the crab was caught, the boat and the name of the skipper.

The crab and chips dish costs £22 or is available as part of a set menu at £34 for three course at Aqua Shard on 23 April 2014.

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