Copenhagen's Mother Pizzeria is coming to London

Copenhagen's Mother Pizzeria is coming to London

14/7/17 - Updated with opening date.

What: Mother

In a nutshell: One of Denmark's most popular pizzerias is coming to town. 

Summing it all up: Italian meets Danish with the arrival of Mother to Battersea. Best known in its native Denmark, this is their first spot out of that country and they'll have a big outdoor space too.  


The low-down

We're becoming quickly aware of a LOT of pizza places opening in London at the moment. And this latest spot, Mother, has come all the way from Denmark. It's their first outside of the home country and they're looking to provide Italian cuisine matched with Danish design. 

So what about those pizzas? It's a wood-fires Napoli sourdough style pizza with purified seawater as its base - and they claim that the base will be lighter than most. And that name refers back to the mother dough that it's all created from. On the menu (among others) will be:

  • Prosciutto - tomato, mozzarella, pesto, rucola and proscuilto di Norcia
  • Margherita - made from mother's own organic cheeses
  • Burning Love - mozzarella, potatoes, fried onions & røget spæk
  • Zuccone - smoked salmon, chives & courgette
  • Pizza Porcella - tomato, mozzarella, organic sausage & porcini
  • And also Carbonara, Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina and Lasagne

Based in Battersea, they'll also have a big outdoor space and buffet counters for weekend brunch.


More about Mother

Where is it? Battersea Power Station, 2 Arches Lane, Circus West, London SW11 8AB

When does it open? 22 July 2017. 

Opening offer: They'll have a launch party open to all on opening day and will be giving away 2000 pizzas from noon until late. 

Find out more: Visit their website or follow them on Twitter @mother_ldn.