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Cider and pizza from The Stable's in Whitechapel

We're starting to see a few more restaurants that are big outside the capital setting up shop in the centre of town - and The Stable is the latest. It's got locations all over the country from Poole to Cardiff and now they're coming to Whitechapel.

It's a simple enough concept - a temple to pizza and cider. Those pizzas are specific to each location depending on locally available ingredients - a nice touch - so expect new creations for London. But a few pizzas seem to crop up across locations like The Blazing Saddle (tomato sauce, slow roasted pulled beef, smoked  bacon, caramelised onions, roasted red pepper and mozzarella, topped with sour cream and optional jalapeños) but even that comes with local bacon. 

There are pies too - The Wild Rooster (Chicken, gammon and leek with a thyme crust) and The Lamb Bam Boogie (Lamb, rosemary, garlic potato and honey). They cpme with herb roasted potatoes, pickled onion and tomato chutney.

As for the cider - expect a whole menu devoted to it - be it draft, boxed or bottled. They'll also have live music and "Tuck in Tuesday" with selected pizzas, side salad and a drink for £10.

The Stable opens at 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1EW on 21 April 2016. For more, follow them on Twitter @_thestable

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