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Chinese Laundry brings 80s style Chinese food to Islington

There's another restaurant on the way to Islington and this looks like an interesting spin on a traditional Chinese restaurant...

It's an all-day family-style Chinese restaurant serving food that harkens back to 80s China. The dining room will be kitted out to evoke a family style all-day dining room with an "80s Chinese home theme with kitsch items". It's designed by Michalis Boyed Studio, who are also behind the impressive Byron on the Strand, Pizza East and Brewdog in Camden. They say "this could become the very first place of experiencing the 80's Chinese family time and food outside of China".

The food promises to be "mainland Chinese" based on the experience of the areas where the owners grew up. Expect plenty of aging, fermenting and twice or triple cooking on the menu, including: 

  • Twice cooked crispy lamb, Beggar’s chicken and Dongpo Pork Belly
  • Small plates include Old Beijing Skewers, Sichuan ‘Saliva’ Chicken and Spiced Ciba (hand made rice cakes).
  • And there will also be an authentic Chinese breakfast with Doufunao (silky tofu curd), crispy and puy Youtiao bread, with a cup of freshly made soymilk. For the opening month, that Chinese breakfast will be served right up till the afternoon too.

Plus they'll have cocktails too - as well as a selection of Chinese white spirits (Baijiu). Those cocktails include: 

  • Dirty Laundry: Chocolate infused Bai jiu, Dry vermouth, olive juice, cocoa powder and chocolate ice pops
  • Silk road Nowhere: Iron Buddha infused Erguotou(Chinese spirit), cherry, apricot liqueur, lemon juice, egg white and lemon zest
  • Nezha and Dragon: Bacardi Solera, Huang jiu(Chinese yellow wine),strawberry, nutmeg, lime juice and vanila flambé

Chinese Laundry is open now at 107 Upper Street, Islington N1 1QN. For more from them, follow them on Twitter @chinlaundry

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