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Ever wondered whether it's science or technique that would win out in a battle over flavour? Well thanks to a new BBC Four programme you'll find out as Professor Mark Miodownick prepares to do combat with Marcus Wareing. The pair will tackle some of Britain's best loved dishes - tomato soup, a medium rare steak, perfect mash and chocolate fondant pudding.

You all know who Wareing is, but you may not be familiar with his TV battle partner. Professor Mark Miodownik is a materials scientist from University College London who's going to be looking at cooking from the molecular level using state-of-the-art technology. We're particularly intrigued by the dessert challenge in which Wareing's Group Operations Director (and obviously top fondant chef) Chantelle Nicholson will compete against Mark's microwave and boxed cake-mix.

Chef vs Science: The Ultimate Kitchen Challenge will air on Wednesday 23rd March, BBC Four.

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