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Caravan heads south to Bankside

Already hugely popular in Exmouth Market and King's Cross, Caravan are making the leap across the river and are coming to Bankside this Autumn (that's just down the road from Hixter). 

UIt'll be an all-day restaurant and, like the other restaurants, breakfast and brunch will play a big part of that. On that menu will be: 

  • Baked eggs with tomato pepper ragout, Greek yoghurt & Aleppo chilli
  • Jalapeno corn bread French toast
  • Lardo biscuits with wild soy wild mushrooms
  • Chicken & rice brunch banquet
  • Potsticker dumplings

As for the main menu, 

  • Hot chilli crab claw, coriander & pickled lime
  • Mussels with ‘nduja, preserved lemon & oloroso
  • Farmers cheese, pickled green walnuts & cut comb honey
  • Caravan espresso caramel affogato
  • Chocolate caramel fritters
  • Bay leaf pannacotta & apple jelly

There's a lot being added to the menu at Bankside including house-made cheeses like whey ricotta and labneh, and cured meats like guanciale, lardo and coffee-cured duck ham. You'll be able to pick up their daily bakes including their Tamarind & date morning bun - and there will be their pizzas too.

Of course, a Caravan restaurant wouldn;t be complete without coffee which will be a big feature - and backed up by a roastery and cafe that will open later in the year. New cocktails to the menu include the Chef’s Margarita with preserved lemon, lime and cumin salt and ‘Curds & Whey’ milk punch.

Overall, it'll be a big old place at 4000sq ft seating 140 people and, like Granary Square, the design will aim to restore as much of the building's original features as possible. Huge windows mean there will be lots of light inside too. 

Caravan Bankside opens 31 October at The Metal Box Factory, 30 Great Guildford Street, Bankside, London SE1 0HS. For more, follow them on Instagram @caravanrestaurants.

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