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Cabotte is coming from Xavier Rousset with lots of Burgundy on the list

He's only just opened the very well reviewed Blandford Comptoir, but Xavier Rousset already has another restaurant coming. He's teamed with another master sommelier Gearoid Devaney, for Cabotte. 

This place is all about Burgundy wine and the name comes from the cottage on a vineyard that the workers relax and unwind in. In fact, part of the reason the restaurant came about is due to Burgundy expert Jason Haynes getting 12 Burgundian producers on board to team up with Cabotte. So, obviously, the wine is a big draw here, with about 500 Burgandy wines (our of 600 on the complete list) available. And many will be available by the glass as they're using the Coravin system.

But the food should be a very big attraction too - from a menu by Head Chef Ed Boarland who's been at Gordon Ramsay at Le Trianon and the Waterside in among other places. On the menu will be:

  • Oeuf Meurette, a poached egg served alongside Smoked Bacon and Lie de Vin Sauce
  • Jambon Persille
  • Beef Cheek Bourguignon served en Cocotte with Savoy Cabbage and Smoked Free Range Bacon
  • a Ham and Parsley Terrine with Apple and Raisin Chutney.

And apparently, the Tarte Tatin is the chef's favourite. So make sure to order that. 

Cabotte opens at 48 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7AY in September. For more, follow them on Twitter @cabotte_

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