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Burger Bear and Prawnography come to the Magic Roundabout at Old Street

If you've been in the areas recently, you'll have noticed that the top of the Old Street roundabout is getting a new look. It's going to become a new street food hub mainly centred around two pop-ups - Burger Bear and Prawnography.

Burger Bear will be serving up the burgers that have gone down very well at markets and Stokey Bears. It'll open every day from lunchtime, with the Burger Bear Bacon Jam (which you can also buy) putting in lots of appearances - including in the "Grizzly Bear" pictured above - with double oak smoked bacon and bacon jam. Plus they'll have hot dogs, chicken wings and more. 

Prawnography is brand new, and will obviously have a very fishy feel. They'll have 12-inch giant Black Sea tiger prawns, grilled sardines with ramson gremolata, shrimp remolade and crab meat fries. Plus they'll also have some specials, which will include sharing platters of Norwegian king crab (including szechuan butter and preserved lemon curd garnishes). It'll also have a record player inside, if you insist on showing people just how much better your musical taste is than theirs. 

There's also a bar called Relax. It's from the same people behind Macintyre Coffee. As well as serving coffee by Modern Standard, they'll have beers, wines and cocktails developed in conjunction with White Lyan - so they'll definitely be worth a look. Bar snacks are also promised here. 

And a DJ booth in the midle of the site too - expect to see Burger Bear's Tom Reaney in there along with special guests.

Plus aliens are invading on 23 June. They'll be promoting the last series of Falling Skies, so expect to see the roundabout get a big overhaul in line with the look of the show. So expect "‘used looking’ cardboard and old packaging instead of plates, with sides in old ammunition boxes."  It's all being done with Miss Cakehead, who will be serving up a menu that looks a wee bit alien. There will be "dark grey coloured 50cm long King Crab legs representing the Espheni alien race, giant 12 Inch long prawns representing the Harnesses" and the BBQ will be "pumping out coloured smoke as they cook these mysterious creatures." You can win those by following @FOXtvUK for info.

The Magic Roundabout opens on 12 June in the middle of the Old Street Roundabout. Find out more from them on Twitter @prawnographyldn and @burgerbeartom

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