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bougie macaronHot Dinners braved the snow on Wednesday to head down to the launch of the recently-opened Bougie Macaron & Tea at 3 Russell Street in Covent Garden. Run by Frenchman Jean Nedelec, the West End branch is the second of the Parisien-inspired patisseries to open, their flagship store is in Edinburgh.

The menu and location make Bougie good for a spot of brunch, or an afternoon pick-me up, having a wide range of pastries and speciality fine-leaf teas to choose from, as well as a strong catalogue of savoury foods including terrines and charcuterie platters. The cafe prides itself on its high quality ingredients (their unique Barthouil smoked salmon isn't available anywhere else in England).

But by far the main stars of the show at Bougie are the superb macarons, which are baked daily by Jean in the basement kitchen and of which Hot Dinners was pleased to undertake a comprehensive tasting. A selection of flavours, which is set to rotate every three months, currently include salted caramel, orange blossom and pistachio. All cakes and pastries are also available to take away, starting at £30 for 16 macarons - a pretty perfect Christmas present for any sweet-toothed friend we reckon.

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