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drivethruAnything the bonkers food merchants Bompas and Parr get involved in is usually worth a gander - and their latest venture looks to be no exception. The duo have paired up with digital magazine The Avant Garde Diaries and Mercedes cars to come up with a madcap drive-thru experience in central London.

They're taking over the lobby of the old Selfridges Hotel and as far as we can tell, you get into a car which you 'drive' through the building. You place an order and have your meal served direct to the car by roller-blading waiters.

"The menu and the entire design of the Drive Thru have been inspired by all of the physical and psychological dimensions of the motor car", explains Sam Bompas.

The Mercedes Drive Thru runs from Friday 14th - to Sunday 16th of September. Tickets will be sold as a group booking (up to 4 people per car) with a car £40 or there's a walk-up restaurant for those who choose not to arrive by car for £10 per person.

Tickets will available on from 3 September 2012.

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