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There's definitely a watery theme developing with the extraordinary food experiences created by Bompas & Parr. First they came up with  the Courvoisier punchbowl you could row across, then they created a Willy Wonka-style chocolate waterfall in Whiteleys. Now they're going to flood the roof at Selfridges to create a mad boating lake.

The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery installation is sponsored by the UK importers of Truvia®, a calorie-free sweetener, from a stevia plant, which is apparently 200 times sweeter than sugar. It'll run from the 21-24 July 2011.

There will be an emerald green boating lake (which required B&P to get hold of a pleasure boat license from Westminster Council), thousands of stevia plants, 12 rowing boats, a gushing waterfall and a Selfridges life guard.

On the drinks front, cocktails will be by the Experimental Cocktail Club whose bar in Chinatown has been drawing rave reviews since it opened. Teas will be from the Rare Tea Company and Caravan is responsible for the coffee.

'It's probably the most ambitious thing we've ever done,' Sam Bompas told Hot Dinners. 'The installation takes Selfridges' roof back to its proper place as a pleasure spot - it once hosted gardens, cafes, golf courses and an all girl gun club.'

Sadly tickets are all sold out, but apparently there could be the chance for some on the day if there are any returns.

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