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Blondies Kitchen milk and cookie pop-up is coming to Old St Station

Possibly the most perfect winter pop-up is heading to Old Street station from October. Blondies Kitchen Milk and Cookie Pop-Up Bar will combine the gooiest cookies with a range of special milk for the ultimate comfort food. Cookies on offer are:

  • Classic - milk choc chip 
  • Double Chocolate Tahini 
  • Gluten Who? – peanut butter oats 
  • Oreo Stuffed Nutella 
  • Cookie Dough Slabs 
  • Crunchie Mousse Cookie Sandwich special - choice of two cookies sandwiched with chocolate honeycomb mousse

And alongside standard milk, there's also Rude Health Almond Milk and what will be our preferred option - Coco Pops Cereal Milk.

Blondies Kitchen Milk and Cookie Pop-Up Bar opens on 17 October 2016 at Old Street station and will be there for two weeks. So make sure to get down there quickly for your milk and cookies fix. For more, follow them on Instagram @blondieskitchen.

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